Seasonal Bedding

With Trees and shrubs forming the frame of your garden bedding plants offer an easy way to provide instant colour and appeal no matter what season it is.

From Spring onwards when the weather has warmed a wide range of bedding is available. Geraniums in packs or pots are a great choice. These plants enjoy a warm sunny spot and reward you with fantastic blooms right throughout the season until the first frosts. They are especially useful as they can tolerate periods of dryness.

Of course we offer all of the other favourites such as Antirrhinum (snap dragons), these are a great choice if you’re looking for a something a little taller and being able to stand a light frost are a good choice for early season plantings.

Petunias with their large showy flowers make a great display in the garden and in hanging baskets (In baskets use the trailing varieties). To make the most of Petunias it is important to keep them regularly watered and dead headed. Gazanias are another great bedding plant, quite compact in growth and suited to a dry position they will enjoy a sunny spot in the garden and open their flowers daily in the sunshine before closing them again at night. We also have Salvias, Marigolds, Cosmos, Nicotiannia, Cinararias, Fushsias, Dahlias, lobelia and many more besides. We also offer a large range of pre planted hanging baskets in separate colours and mixed planting for your convenience.
From autumn through spring the mainstay of bedding plants is the Pansy. These large flowered plants are frost hardy and can be planted at any time. Like Petunias it is important to keep dead heading the plants to promote good flowering.

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