Humax compost

Humax Multi-Purpose Compost

£5.99 per bag

Pack size 60L

Ideal for:

  • All your planting needs from sowing and potting flowers to shrubs and vegetables
  • Hanging baskets and containers
  • Pots, tubs and window boxes
  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Landscaping projects

Features & benefits:

  • Highest quality peat – sourced from our peat moor in Scotland and refined out of our Levington professional factory
  • H²Gro wetting agent – Spectacular 3-in-1 mode of action allows for all your plants water needs:
  1. Wetting and spreading agent
  2. Penetrating agent
  3. Re-wetting agent
  • Start & Gro – professional grade starter fertilizer giving plants and vegetables the perfect initial boost
  • Levington professional coir – to aid drainage and improve rooting


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