Winter flowering

Winter Flowering Pansies

September 23, 2017

Yes, it’s that time again!

Winter flowering Pansies now on sale!

  • Sixteen separate colours of Pansies grown.
  • Six separate colours of Violas.
  • Mixed trays available.
  • Wallflowers.
  • Brompton Stocks.
  • Sweet Williams.
  • Polyanthus.

From Autumn through to Spring Pansies and Violas create a splash of colour throughout the garden, suitable for planting in beds, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets these plants are versatile and easy to grow.

The best time to plant Pansies and Violas is during the Autumn while the soil is still warm, this allows the roots to become well established, which in turn leads to a stronger plant able to withstand the winter weather.